Is it time to get ready to go back to the office? Many offices are starting some form of hybrid work arrangement. Getting your wardrobe ready for work again doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Improving your work wardrobe will help make the process of going back to work easier. 

It is key to clear out the items that no longer suit your work style. You want your work wardrobe to be updated and fresh– with essential pieces appropriate for your work environment. Being comfortable is good, but it is important to look professional whether you’re at the office or continuing work-from-home calls.

You might need to pull out all your work clothes and sort them on your bed, trying on things as you go to see what fits you now. Whether you put on the COVID 15 or spent a lot of time on your Peloton, things might not fit the same. You don’t want to find this out the day before you need to go to the office.

Start by removing any pieces that no longer fit. These can be donated to Goodwill or handed down to someone that you know.

You want to make sure that you don’t have holes or stains. Make a pile of garments that you can bring to the tailor to be hemmed, repaired, or taken in.

Next, take a look at your shoes. Invest in some shoe polish and a brush to get your leather shoes in shape. If they’re looking rough, call your dry cleaner to see if they work with a cobbler on shoe maintenance and repair.

If you’ve invested in a fancy sneaker collection, you might want to take them to the dry cleaner for professional care. They can do wonders!

Taking care of your clothing will help you save money because you’ll buy less in the future. The truth is, there’s a lot of ways we can help take care of our clothing so that we don’t need to buy new items as often. 

Here are a few tips to help you stretch your wardrobe and save some money. 

  • Organize your closet, so you’ll know what you have and where it is. 
  • Consider creating a capsule wardrobe.
  • Always use lint rollers to remove pet hair. 
  • Wash clothes according to their care labels and your laundry products instructions to lengthen their lifespan. 
  • Have your clothes cleaned and pressed professionally.

The best way to take care of your professional clothing is to take them to the dry cleaners where they know how to read the care labels and have multiple ways to clean. Dry cleaning or wet cleaning helps maintain fabric quality, colors, and original appearance. Professional laundry ensures that garments are hygienically cleaned and colors won’t fade.

Fabrics that are best to take to a professional: wool, cashmere, linen, silk, rayon, leather, and suede. Check your care labels to see if they say “dry clean only” when deciding. Many items marked “dry clean only” can safely be wet cleaned, which is a more gentle, solvent-free process for your garments and will ensure that they’re fresh and clean.

Caring for your work shirts

There’s nothing quite as sharp as a crisp dress shirt, right? Time to load up your work shirts and take them in for laundry.  Ironing them at home never gives you the same look and feel. If you’re wearing more casual clothes at work, make sure you have a few dress shirts ready for big meeting days or client meetings.

Caring for your work pants

As with dress shirts, work pants look so much better with a professional press. Plan out your clothes for a week, and make sure that you have pressed pants to match your dress shirts.

If you’re going to be working with a professional cleaner, see if they have pick-up and drop-off services. Make sure to tell them about any missing buttons or stains that you’d like treated. Check your pockets to make sure you’ve removed pens and business cards before dropping them off. 

Once you receive your garments from the dry cleaner, remove the plastic film – it’s better to store clothing without plastic. 

Taking the time to get your wardrobe ready for work will help you make sure that you’re prepared to go back to the office, and hopefully, you won’t need to purchase any new items. Your favorites will be fresh, cleaned, and organized for you.