In last month’s edition of Insider’s, we discussed the benefits of our powder laundry detergent Trebon Plus, but for many reasons, a one-shot powder might not be the right solution for you.

How to Clean with Esdogen Liquid Laundry

Luckily Kreussler has a broad range of liquid laundry products to customize the exact solution for your needs. Liquid laundry detergents have come a long way from the old systems of caustic alkalinity, and hydrogen peroxide (or chlorine) bleaches. The old process of “burn ‘em and bleach ‘em” offered a low-cost method of processing mostly cotton, but it took a toll on the fabric, and for most items, it was a three-pound sledgehammer when a tack hammer would work.

Kreussler has spent decades developing and refining our liquid laundry products to provide safe and effective results while minimizing waste and reducing costs. We will discuss some of the items in the Esdogen family and how they work specifically focusing on shirt and household applications but rest assured whatever you are trying to wash Kreussler has a product and application to help whether its rental linen, microfiber mops, fire protection gear, medical laundry and everything in between.

Within our product range, you will find the Esdogen line, technically four unique liquid products designed to be customized for a broad array of textiles and soil loads. We will go into detail on three of them along with a few additional items which complement the system.

Please note for international readers: the Esdogen line in North America may differ from the one available in your market, please speak to your regional distributor or our HQ in Germany directly for assistance.

The Esdogen range consists of:

  • Esdogen Alkaplex
  • Esdogen Detergent
  • Esdogen Booster
  • Esdogen Bleach

Esdogen Alkaplex is not needed for most applications. Still, it is part of the family, so we will give a brief description. Alkaplex is a water conditioning and complexing agent designed to raise the pH of the wash liquor and enhance the performance of the remaining products. Ideal for heavy pigment soil, mineral oil, and grease, we would use it more in the washing of industrial workwear or greasy kitchen and butcher shop towels and aprons.

Since most items coming into PTC for laundry are not so heavily and specifically soiled, we will rely on the remaining items in the line starting with Esdogen Detergent.

As the name implies, this product is our main washing additive and is a blend of specially designed surfactants, pigment and grease removers, suspension agents, and optical brighteners in a slightly alkaline formulation. Esdogen Detergent breaks through fatty stains and penetrates quickly into pigment and protein soil to lift and carry it away from the fabric. The alkalinity is quite low but enough to help condition the water and fabric and improve the results of the additional products in the system. The optical brighteners ensure a brilliant white textile without risk to the colored items that would also be washed with the product. For shirts, household items, and general wash, Esdogen Detergent is the perfect blend of active ingredients to remove all the soil, ranging from protein to pigment without risk to fabric or color.

Next in the lineup is Esdogen Booster, and as its name implies, it is an intense cleaning enhancer designed to target heavy pigment, natural fats or oils, and protein stains. Comprised of a blend of surfactants and enzymes, we can add Booster in a prewash for protein stains from food service, table lines or bedding or directly into the main wash to assist with general heavy soil around cuff or collars and to help remove oily stains from darker garments that need a lower wash temperature.

Esdogen Bleach is next, and as you would guess, it is a de-staining agent, but unlike traditional hydrogen peroxide, this is a peracetic acid blend [PAA]. PAA’s have been used for a long time throughout Europe as de-staining and disinfection agents in laundry. The PAA, in combination with hydrogen peroxide, acts as catalysts allowing the oxygen to be released faster and in higher concentration providing a better and safer bleaching effect for organic stains. Depending on the concentration of PAA to H2O2, you can also fulfill the requirements of the RKI and VAH in Germany in combination with Kreussler’s Derval Solo, Trebon SI, or Derval Power for listing as a disinfectant. In the U.S., PAA/H2O2 is recognized by the CDC for sanitization, and several brands are registered with the EPA against specific pathogens. They are powerful and effective oxidizing agents and require a lower dosage, time, and temperature than standard hydrogen peroxide. They can be added directly into wash bath or in their own bleaching step, and unlike chlorine, they are generally color-safe and do not need to be neutralized.

Two additional products not directly included in the Esdogen line but very helpful are Ottalin Citro and Ottalin Soft. Citro is a citrus-based souring agent that provides and safe and effective reduction in pH without the risk of damaging acid-sensitive fabrics and dyes. Ottalin Soft is a highly concentrated fabric softener that eliminates static and gives textiles a deep soft feel, perfect for households and fluff and fold items. It is available with a fresh, pleasant fragrance or in a fragrance-free version. Both are highly concentrated and easily added via automatic dosing.

Combining the products in the Esdogen line with a few additional ancillaries will give you the ability to process laundry ranging from bulk fluff and fold to hospitality and food service easily, safely, and with excellent results. Liquid systems provide total flexibility for the customization of applications and soil types without waste. Kreussler has the knowledge and experience to support you no matter where your laundry needs go.

For more information on Kreussler’s Esdogen line of liquid laundry products and supporting ancillaries, please contact your Kreussler technician or our office directly.