Kreussler Efficient Dry Cleaning Detergent Is Your Best Bet to Clean

Have you ever looked at the ingredients label on a bottle of liquid laundry detergent?

One of the first things you will find is water. There are multiple reasons for this. Cost is one, product viscosity and keeping different ingredients in solution are others. Still, in the end, the consumer is paying for something that does not contribute to the effectiveness of the product.

This is generally the necessary evil for liquid detergents designed for water; surprisingly, the same concept is true for detergents designed for dry-cleaning except for Kreussler’s CLIP GREEN CONC.

Co-solvents and fillers for dry-cleaning detergents can range from water, in some cases, as much as 50% to hydrocarbons and even Perc. These products are added to keep detergents fluid and pumpable, reduce production costs, and suspend the surfactants that aid in cleaning, but beyond that, they are simply wasted space in the container.

Finding a way to combine only pure active ingredients into a stable and efficiently dosed formulation was an achievement for the chemists at Kreussler. It led to the introduction of our first super concentrate CLIP GREEN CONC. This product delivers superior cleaning results in Perc and Hydrocarbon in dosage amounts ½ to ¼ that of other premium detergents, and the high amounts for substantive ingredients mean less still waste.

Reducing the need for packaging and transportation of the finished goods, eliminating VOCs and hazardous solvents in formulations, reducing the volume of still residue, reducing the energy requirements for operations all while providing superior results. These measurable characteristics contribute to a product safer for the environment than traditional dry-cleaning detergents, truly a Green Concentrate.

Perfect for machines with limited or non-distillation, CLIP GREEN CONC can provide excellent results without building up in the solvent or causing filter pressure issues. Please reach out to your Kreussler technician today to find out more or call us directly.