There are many advantages to wet cleaning making it a popular topic in garment care. The LANADOL wet cleaning process, based on Kreussler patents, was introduced jointly by Miele and Kreussler in December 1991. Wet cleaning can be a catch-all term for processing everything that would typically require dry cleaning. We know that after we filter out laundry items, including dress shirts, household items, fluff and fold that roughly 60% of the garments that come over the counter are washable in some capacity based either on the care instructions or fiber content.

wet cleaning

The Advantages of Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is the processing of “dry clean only” garments in an aqueous solution using computer-controlled washer-extractors. For us, this means suits, dresses, slacks, blouse, and sweaters made from wool, silk, cashmere, which genuinely require the special chemistry and mechanical control found in wet cleaning applications.

For this, Kreussler developed the Lanadol Sensitive process, gentle enough for the most delicate of structured wool and fine cashmere, but effective at removing typical soil found in these types of garments. Most of the textiles we take would clean better in water than in solvents but do-not fall into this Lanadol Sensitive category, but treating them like casual wash items is also wrong, hence the Lanadol Dry process and Lanadol X-Press.

Lanadol Dry takes advantage of the more robust construction of most of the garments being processed. It allows the operator to quickly and effectively clean and finish these textiles with all the benefits of a water-based application. With Lanadol Dry’s unique mechanical criteria and the advanced chemical properties of Lanadol X-Press it becomes possible to truly go from counter to conveyor in less than an hour without dry cleaning and with perfect results.

Items like slacks, blouses, pullovers, even blazers, and dresses can be “wet cleaned” and dried quickly without the risk of shrinking or distortion. The finishing is easy and quick due to Kreussler’s groundbreaking formulation of Lanadol X-Press.

The safety and effectiveness of the product combined with its strong cleaning power, utilizing multiple types of enzymes designed to breakdown everything from protein to fatty soil Lanadol X-Press gives a perfectly clean garment eliminating almost all pre-spotting.

Brighter whites, more vivid colors, and fresh, clean smell are all benefits of Lanadol X-Press and the Lanadol Dry process. When combined with Lanadol Sensitive, you have a total solution for processing everything that comes over the counter.

If you’d like to improve your offerings for water-based cleaning, maximize your computer-controlled washer/extractors, reduce labor and increase client satisfaction, please reach out to us and ask about Lanadol X-Press and the Lanadol Dry process.