Kreussler, a fourth-generation owned and operated company, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. We are an innovator of textile chemistry, not just selling chemicals created by another company. Kreussler labs created the wet cleaning process and now environmentally friendly SYSTEMK4 and more traditional textile dry cleaning products.

SYSTEMK4 is an eco-friendly dry cleaning system with three components: CLIPK4, PRENETTK4, and SOLVONK4. SOLVONK4 is the revolutionary new, non-toxic dry cleaning solvent Kreussler introduced to the US in April 2010 in Vermont for testing. Gadue’s Dry Cleaning, our first plant to test SYSTEMK4, has since won the 2011 Vermont Award for Environmental Excellence for Pollution Prevention partly for using SYSTEMK4 at their dry cleaning facility.

SYSTEMK4 is the answer that dry cleaners have been looking for to remove PERC from the industry while maintaining the ability to clean garments effectively. This safe, halogen-free process reduces energy consumption the need to pre-spot garments and produces virtually lint-free garments. Fine garments such as wedding gowns and couture dresses are clean and finish with little effort, while sweaters maintain their shape and soft texture.

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