Finishing agent with handle enhancing and antistatic properties for cotton and polycotton blends.

Looking for liquid starch that won’t glaze, speckle, or build up over time?  Ottalin Finish is a liquid rice-based starch that is perfect for giving shirts and linens a smooth finish with just the right amount of body.  Suitable for all colors and all but the heaviest of starch ranges. Concentrated so as little as 1/3 oz per 10 lbs is needed for the perfectly finished shirt.

  • Gives textiles a stiff and smooth handle.
  • Very abundant starching effect.
  • Covers the fiber with a protective film that is removed again during washing. This enhances soil removal from table linen, hospital laundry, and workwear.
  • Improves the finishing and mangling characteristics of the textiles.
  • For treatment of shirts, table linen, bedsheets, and workwear from the food industry.
  • Due to its very low viscosity, OTTALIN FINISH is suited for automatic liquid dosage and therefore helps to increase the process reliability.
  • Perfect whiteness.
  • OTTALIN FINISH has a pleasant scent; the scent of the dried laundry is neutral.
  • OTTALIN FINISH can be flushed without a problem.