What did you miss? Top 3 blogs of 2018

We know it’s hard to catch every blog post so we thought we’d share our top three posts from 2018.

3 An Innovative Approach to a Perfectly Clean Shirt

Shirts outnumber every other garment on average 4 to 1 and despite your attempts to define your quality by how proficiently you can remove a stain from a silk blouse or expertly press that Italian suit. It is the quality of the lowest priced garment you produce which can influence the client’s retention the most. A bright, crisp shirt, free of stains and pressed to perfection helps keep the dry-cleaning machine and the bank account full. Now this is a generality, there are discount shops that stay busy only with shirts, and high-end shops who send their shirts out (usually to the lowest bidder) and yet the doors remain open, but for most dry-cleaning companies the secret sauce depends heavily on what leaves the plant on a white wire hanger.

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2 From Corn to Clean

Our biggest announcement of 2018 was that SYSTEMK4 is now bio-based and approved by the USDA.

Over 1,000 Cleaners are using SOLVONK4 and universally praise the cleaning performance, ease of use, low risk for damage to trim and ornamentation as well as exceptional solvent mileage. Many cleaners have taken advantage of the ability to promote its low risk to the environment and health safety. There are challenges in finding a simple way to explain to the end users of dry cleaners what it is and why it’s better.

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1 How to Market Your Dry Cleaning Business in 2018

We understand that it is hard for dry cleaners to market their businesses and stay on top of all the latest marketing trends. While we are not a marketing company and will not provide marketing services, Kreussler has received requests from customers for marketing materials. We’ll be building out more content to help you market your dry cleaning business.

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Thank you for being loyal readers of our blog and sharing our articles. We’re planning great content for 2019!