Are you struggling to market your dry cleaning business? You want to help educate your customers on your services but you do not know how? We want to help with some ideas on how to market your dry cleaning business.

How to market your dry cleaning business

We understand that it is hard for dry cleaners to market their businesses and stay on top of all the latest marketing trends. While we are not a marketing company and will not provide marketing services, Kreussler has received requests from customers for marketing materials. We are introducing a monthly marketing library of Kreussler material.

We are going to create videos and social posts that will help you communicate online. These files will be available for download from a Google Drive folder.

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Our first focus is bio-based SYSTEMK4. We have created a video that you can use anywhere you would to like featuring SYSTEMK4 and a longer video that gives background on Kreussler GMbH.

You can easily add your own logo on the graphics that we have provided using Adobe Spark or Canva. We recommend using a file with a transparent background so it looks great on the designs.

A few things to remember about marketing your dry cleaning business on social media:

  • Make sure to legally use images and graphics. You can incur huge fines for taking images without permission. You can find free photos on
  • Tag your location on your posts so people can find your dry cleaning locations.
  • Use your social media account bios to add your phone number and hours of operation.
  • Respond to customer questions and help them solve their problems with your social media accounts.

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