Product spotlight: Ottalin Soft

The OTTALIN brand family comprises our range of laundry auxiliary agents for bleaching and disinfecting, complexing water hardness, removing smells from textiles, reducing oxygen for the further use of the service water, auxiliary agents for giving the laundry a skin-friendly pH value, but also laundry post-treatment agents, e.g. softeners, liquid starch, and acidification agents.

OTTALIN SOFT is a super concentrated laundry softener designed to give long-lasting static control while imparting a deep soft handle to textiles.  OTTALIN SOFT has the added benefits of improving water release during extraction meaning a shorter drying time and lets the garment fall away from the drum and each other meaning easier and quicker unloading.

Garments finish easy with fewer wrinkles and OTTALIN SOFT is available with a light pleasant fragrance or in fragrance-free version.

Towels, bedding, fluff and fold, and casual wear items all benefit with the additional of OTTALIN SOFT.

A few properties of OTTALIN SOFT:

  • Protects laundry from stiffness.
  • Antistatic effect.
  • Gives treated textiles a soft handle.
  • Prevents textile clinging to outer drum and press, therefore easier unloading.
  • Better water release upon spinning, shorter drying cycle.
  • Easier ironing.
  • Gives treated textiles a pleasant scent.
  • Easy dosage due to low viscosity.
  • No wastewater pollution.

Application for OTTALIN SOFT:

Dose 3-5 ml OTTALIN SOFT per kg (0.05-0.08 oz fl/lbs) laundry to the last rinsing cycle.

A temperature increase to approx 30 °C (86 °F) results in slightly better product yield.

Speak to your Kreussler technical representative or call us today to find out how to add OTTALIN SOFT to your laundry line up.