LANADOL wet cleaning’s two systems are all you need for complete textile care. With LANADOL DRY and LANADOL SENSITIVE, Kreussler offers the complete solution for your operation: Clean, dry, and finish even the most delicate textiles in less than 45 minutes while protecting fibers and colors.

LANADOL the original in wet cleaning

The Quality of LANADOL Your Investment in the Future

From cleaning to energy savings, LANADOL wet cleaning products and procedures also offer a number of benefits:
• Superb cleanliness and brilliant colors at a cleaning temperature of only 68 ̊F
• Maximum protection against shrinkage, felting and discoloration
• Excellent handle and shape retention of the textiles
• Brilliant colors, fresh, clean smell and excellent wear comfort
• Increased economic efficiency due to short batch times of 20 minutes
• Low consumption of water, energy, and consumption

Lanadol X-Press Lanadol Dry

Environmentally-Friendly Care

Since LANADOL wet cleaning relies on the cleaning power of water, mild surfactants, and protective substances, it is not subject to environmental restrictions and can be installed quickly, cost-
effectively, and without concerns over landlords or regulatory agencies.
• 100% solvent free
• Meets all the requirements for the environment token “Blue Angel”
• No phosphates, optical brighteners, EDTA and musk fragrances
• Tested “very good” by dermatologists

LANADOL the original in wet cleaning