This month, our product spotlight is CLIP!

Product Spotlight - CLIP

Clip means dry cleaning, and within the Kreussler portfolio of Clip products, you will find the ideal detergent solution for your solvent and your budget.

For decades Kreussler has been leading the industry in dry cleaning detergents, in fact, we were the first company to implement detergent formulations for solvents, and we have been leading the way ever since. Kreussler knows, and our clients understand that detergents must perform many tasks, not just soil removal and static control.

All of our products in the Clip family are intentionally designed to meet the requirements of:

  • Excellent soil removal and suspension
  • Long-lasting static control
  • Elimination of malodor and their sources
  • Solvent conditioning and pH balancing
  • Still waste reduction improving solvent recovery
  • Pleasant and soft handle of the garment
  • Clean neutral smell

With years of knowledge and frequent performance evaluations, we know how to maximize our formulations to meet the specific demands on the industry regardless of which solvent you use. Expect more from your dry cleaning detergent, let Kreussler help you maximize your cleaning results, and reduce the costs associated with garment finishing, recleans, and preventive maintenance.

We have the perfect Clip detergent for you, simply ask.

CLIP Combi



CLIP Presorb


CLIP Comfort

Each dry cleaning detergent matches the corresponding solvent optimally and is perfectly filtrable. Dry cleaning detergents contribute decisively to the cleaning success in solvent cleaning. We’ve got a cleaning booster to meet your needs – simply ask! Our experienced Technical Sales Representatives can help create the perfect mix of products to clean to your maximum ability.

We hope you enjoyed our monthly product spotlight, CLIP is an important addition to your products.