CLIP Presorb

CLIP PRESORB in a cleaning intensifier designed to added into the prewash of a dry cleaning program. CLIP PRESORB is compatible with Perc, HydroCarbon, and SOLVONK4. Its unique properties allow for increased solubility and suspension of water-based soil and pigments. It is exceptionally effective for garments exposed to smoke and fire damage as well as heavy soil from workwear and industrial applications. In addition to the power cleaning agents, CLIP PRESORB will complex [bind together] and remove smoke odor and malodor helping to produce neutral, clean smelling garments without the need for ozone treatment.


  • CLIP PRESORB is a highly effective dry cleaning activator with excellent pigment dirt, and odor absorbing characteristics.
  • CLIP PRESORB removes unpleasant odors such as smoke, kitchen, and cigarette odors, and the smell of vomit, urine, and decomposition.
  • CLIP PRESORB demonstrates best cleaning performance when added into the 1st bath. A dry-cleaning booster such as for example CLIP GREEN CONC or CLIP COMFORT is then added to the 2nd bath.
  • CLIP PRESORB leaves a neutral scent in the cleaned textiles.
  • CLIP PRESORB can be added to the 1st bath to clean extremely soiled work clothes.

If the soil load of the textiles you are cleaning is very high, or you simply want to maximize the cleaning power of your solvent, CLIP PRESORB is an excellent addition to your system. Contact us for a demo.


Learn more about CLIP PRESORB here.

Download a PDF with the product specs here.