We’re excited to share an interview with Dr. Cord Meyer from EXPO Detergo. Peg Fitzpatrick attended the show as part of the Kreussler team and spoke with Dr. Meyer about his important work at the laboratory in Wiesbaden, Germany.

EXPO Interview 2018

Peg Fitzpatrick:                   Hi, I’m Peg Fitzpatrick. I am here live in Expo Detergo in Milan, Italy with Dr. Meyer. Dr. Meyer works in Kreussler in Germany in the labs. Correct?

Dr. Meyer:                              Yes. I’m the leader of research and development and responsible for the products across, of course, in Germany and these parts. Yes.

Peg Fitzpatrick:                   That’s very exciting. So, what have you been working on in the labs lately?

Dr. Meyer:                              Oh, we are working all the days on different things, but maybe what I could tell you is our latest developments in the wet cleaning.

Peg Fitzpatrick:                   That’s- That would be fabulous.

Dr. Meyer: You know that Kreussler together with Miele was the inventor of the wet cleaning, and maybe you know also that the Lanadol Sensitive was for many, many years the process for wet cleaning, for cleaning a very, very sensitive textiles. This was always our focus as a, let’s say, alternative or maybe also a combination to dry cleaning, to use the wet cleaning and, of course, it was always the focus of the very sensitive textiles. And nowadays the most disadvantages of the wet cleaning was that it took such a long time.

Peg Fitzpatrick: Yes.

Dr. Meyer: Because if the textiles are very sensitive, you need an air dry, and this was the disadvantage, the most important disadvantage of the wet cleaning. And what we are now can provide to you is our Lanadol dry process, and in the Lanadol dry process, we use a little bit different detergent, and this is the Lanadol Express. And what we also … Then we focus a little bit more on the cleaning effect, but still on textiles which are sensitive, but a little bit less sensitive than, for example, cashmere or things like that, silk. We don’t recommend the Lanadol dry process for silks.

Dr. Meyer: But with Lanadol Express, we could provide you a process where you have less effort in the pre-brushing. So, maybe you could skip your brush. You could throw it away and just wet clean if you’re using the dry process and the Lanadol Express.

Peg Fitzpatrick: Yes. So, you guys heard. You can use wet cleaning and dry cleaning together.

Dr. Meyer: Of course.

EXPO Detergo in Milan Italy

Peg Fitzpatrick: I think sometimes people think if you’re a dry cleaner that maybe you don’t need wet cleaning, but, in my opinion, and I’m not a scientist, but you could use both. You could have wet and dry cleaning and really be able to do any kind of product, right, like any dress. Because everything doesn’t need to be dry cleaned.

Dr. Meyer: If you have the decision, of course, you could do only one of them. Yes? But, in my opinion, it’s a very, very good combination because it’s always a big effort to have 100% in something.

Peg Fitzpatrick: Right.

EXPO Detergo in Milan Italy

Dr. Meyer: Yes. And so you could choose from the best of both worlds, so to say.

Peg Fitzpatrick: Yeah.
Dr. Meyer: Yes? And wet cleaning is in … concerning hygiene, of course, a very, very good choice. Yes?
Peg Fitzpatrick: Yeah.

Dr. Meyer: Because thinking of the dirt you have on your garments usually, they are not very dirty, but they are water bound stains you find.

Dr. Meyer: And therefore, of course, water is the best solvent you could imagine. Yes.

Dr. Meyer: And this is why wet cleaning is-
Peg Fitzpatrick: Water, water is the best solvent. Yes?
Dr. Meyer: Water’s the best solvent.

Dr. Meyer: Yes. But that does not mean that dry cleaning is not useful.

Dr. Meyer: So, of course, there are arguments for dry cleaning as well.
Peg Fitzpatrick: But having both is also an option.
Dr. Meyer: Having both is the best option I think.

Peg Fitzpatrick: Thank you Dr. Meyer for taking the time. I know you’re really busy here at the EXPO Detergo talking to people  all over the world here. So, thank you very much for your time, and I will see you guys again soon.