Kreussler Product Spotlight: Peramon

Solvent care is a requirement for a well running dry cleaning machine and optimized performance.  Standard distillation is a key for clean, purified solvent but due to many factors simply distilling the solvent is sometimes not enough, hence the long-standing staple in the Kreussler portfolio PERAMON.

Adding PERAMON into your still after every clean out will help maintain a slightly alkaline condition of solvent which will prevent corrosion and help to inhibit bacteria growth.  In addition, PERAMON helps to bind together organic acids in the still and prevents them from leaving the sludge as a volatile compound, this means less chance of stale or sour odors in the textiles and a cleaner water separator.

PERAMON is approved and recommended for all solvents including Perc, Hydrocarbon, Siloxane, and SOLVONK4 and should be part of every machine’s weekly maintenance.  For more information please contact your local Kreussler technician or give us a call direct at 1-866-860-9265.