Your dry cleaning detergent is an important product for a successful cleaning process. In every family, there is one member that grabs the spotlight and gets most of the attention, and there is one that quietly but consistently powers the rest forward. Within Kreussler’s Clip range of dry cleaning detergents, Clip Combi is that quiet but powerful workhorse.

Dry Cleaning Detergent: CLIP COMBI

Clip Combi predates most of its peers in its product group, originating from Kreussler’s 1974 patent application DE 24 12 157 introducing special surfactants that impart cleaning and finishing characteristics to the process. Over the years, we modified Clip Combi to take advantage of the developments of more effective and safer raw ingredients. The goal of the product was always to provide excellent cleaning and handling effects in an economical and flexible application.

Clip Combi bridged the gap between traditional batch-based cleaning technologies using Perc and modern, constant distillation equipment with alternative HC solvent options. This unique formulation gave professional textile care providers the ability to offer multiple and evolving cleaning technologies without managing different detergents or cleaning enhancers.

Consistency in the client’s experience was vital, regardless of how the textile were cleaned.

Today the need for a detergent that performs equally well in a charge or injection applicant with both Perc and HC is not as important as it was 25-30 years ago as most modern care providers are moving away from Perc. However, the benefits remain, reducing the need for solvent specific formulations makes for a more economical product to produce and store.

Clip Combi remains today the most popular product in our Clip range for the simple reasons that it works brilliantly and fits into any budget. Noticeable results with a low dosage, improved water-soluble soil removal reduced greying, and a long-lasting anti-static effect makes Clip Combi the perfect choice. Knowing that it is also providing anti-bacterial effect in the dry-cleaning machine and preventing lint and fiber from building up inside ensures quicker drying times, less odor, less chance of bacteria grown, and a better and longer running machine.

If you are using Perc, Hydro Carbon, or any of the HC blends, rely on the benefits and time-tested, proven results of Clip Combi dry cleaning detergent to maximize your cleaning and reduce your labor. More than ever, trust in a chemical provider who has led and continues to lead the industry in innovation and hygiene has been present and active and will continue to be. Trust in Kreussler; we are here to help you succeed.