I’d like to share brief interview with Dr. Cord Meyer conducted at TexCare International in Frankfurt, Germany via Facebook Live about wet cleaning.

Ask a Chemist Dr. Meyer


Here’s the full transcript from our conversation:
Peg Fitzpatrick: Hey Facebook. It’s Peg Fitzpatrick and I am here at TexCare International in Frankfurt, Germany with Dr. Cord Meyer. I’m going to ask him a question about wet cleaning. Dr. Meyer, wet cleaning, we’re in our twenty-fifth anniversary of LANADOL. Can you tell us what the latest innovations are in chemistry with our wet cleaning line?

Dr. Meyer: As you know, wet cleaning is processing very sensitive textiles instead of solvent in water. It’s not a washing process.

It’s a very sensitive process in water. Our latest development is LANADOL Express, because many textiles are not so sensitive as you might think. The very sensitive textiles, we have for twenty-five years, the LANADOL sensitive process and LANADOL Aktiv as a very sensitive process and a very sensitive chemical detergent for the wet cleaning of the very delicate textiles.

Dr. Meyer: Now-a-days, you have also quite sensitive textiles, but a little bit more robust and you can’t do a dry to dry process even in water like you did it up to now in the solvent, in the dry cleaning. This can be done with a very performing detergent like LANADOL Express and the LANADOL dry process.

If you’re familiar with the dry cleaning, maybe you would like to try the hygienic LANADOL dry process. Hygienic I’m telling because many soils you find on your jacket, and on your over garment, are easily solved in water. We will also smell it. This is what we do and this is what new for the LANADOL process.

Peg Fitzpatrick: Wow. If you guys have any questions for Dr. Meyer, he’ll be around for the next day or two here at the convention center. If you are here come and stop by the booth, we are in hall nine, or ask a question on Facebook. Write in the comments and Dr. Meyer might answer it for you. I hope that helps and you guys got a little bit more information about our new Lanadol innovations I guess you can call them. If you have any questions, always let us know, let your TSR know, and we can get more information to you about our products. Bye.

At the show, Kreussler introduced LANADOL Express. You can read more about LANADOL on the main Kreussler website.

I hope you enjoyed this short interview with Dr. Meyer. I’m looking forward to bringing you more interviews on our blog.

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