Selecting a detergent provider for your dry cleaning company is a critical step to ensuring a successful operation, and many factors need to be considered for making the right decision. I’d like to share how to choose a provider for your dry cleaning business to help you make an informed decision.

How to Choose a Provider for your Dry Cleaning Business
The first considerations should be:
• Do the products provide results that match your customer’s expectations?
• Do they aid in the removal of stains and odors and provide wearing comfort?
• Do they protect the fabrics and colors, reduce static and lint and offer hygienic cleaning?
• Do the products aid in the preventive maintenance of the cleaning systems?
• Do they control or eliminate the risk of bacteria growth?
• Do they buffer and maintain a desired pH of the cleaning solvent?
• Do they help in reducing still waste and allow for easy clean out of the distillation chamber?
• Do they reduce the build-up of lint within the cleaning machine?

Third is the level of support offered by the company adequate for your systems? You want a technician who has:
• Broad knowledge of textile chemistry
• Who understands the mechanical operations of the cleaning machinery
• Can program and optimize cleaning systems and provide accurate, independent feedback to the operators and management about improving systems and procedures to reduce costs and increase efficiencies

Provider for Dry Cleaning Business

Fourth area to consider:
• Does the company invest in innovation, do they look to improve their products and process technology regularly?
• Do they invest is skilled chemists and chemical engineers who engage in research and development for the advancement of the industry?
• Does the company publish research papers and studies within the industry and do they hold current patents for innovative products and processes?
• Are they good stewards, reducing their environmental footprint wherever possible and providing products free of harmful compounds and wasteful fillers?

Finally, what do their clients say about them?
•Do they embrace them as a partner?
• Do they care about their success and are they tied to that success?

Kreussler has spent the last 100 plus years making sure we could answer each of these questions with the absolute level of assurance. Our full and comprehensive product range provides the highest level of performance in the broadest range of environments. We make complex detergents formulations designed to carry out several key functions simultaneously including intensive cleaning and odor removal, color protection, easy finish, wear comfort, solvent conditioning, hygiene and more.

Our technicians are the most skilled in the industry, each with an average of 25 years of experience, we provide constant training here in the states and at our labs in Germany to make sure the people who represent us in the field have a deep and robust knowledge of textiles, finishes, fabrics as well as chemistry and applications required for servicing them.

Kreusser is the most innovative company in the textile chemistry industry – our lab is filled with PhDs and chemical engineers. We are continually striving to optimize and improve our formulations. Our research has been published, and our scientists continue to present new and exciting information at global conferences and as long-standing members of industry committees and research groups regularly. This work has resulted in numerous patents being awarded around the world. Surprisingly many of the groundbreaking developments Kreussler is responsible for can be found in your dry cleaning plant even if you do not use Kreussler products, from the use of modern detergent formulations for dry cleaning solvents to our patented and revolutionary work in wet cleaning. Kreussler has been directly responsible for much of the advancement and innovation in our industry over the last several decades.

Our core values require us to not only produce the most environmentally safe products available but to be the most environmentally conscience we can by utilizing state of the art manufacturing and blending equipment, collecting and reclaiming all of our contact and cooling water, releasing no contaminates back into the municipal water system, and even utilizing geothermal, solar and wind for energy requirements. Our products are made without fillers and co-solvents to reduce our transportation and packaging requirements, and all our products are delivered in 100% recyclable containers.

When considering a provider for detergents, whether for use in dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or laundry applications consider Kreussler, please speak to any of the thousands of satisfied clients we have and explore the tremendous value we can bring to your company.