What is professional wet cleaning? Do dry cleaners use wet cleaning? Are there special wet cleaning chemicals? Let’s look at some of the basics of professional wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning is a procedure for the professional cleaning of textiles in water without using organic solvents.

How is wet cleaning different than dry cleaning?

  1. Wet cleaning chemicals are more gentle than dry cleaning chemicals.
  2. In the wet cleaning process, clothes are cleaned with water, Earth’s original solvent, and mild, yet effective detergents.
  3. Wet cleaning is a solvent-free, non-toxic process.
  4. It’s the safest method to professionally clean your clothes.
  5. Many garments that are labeled ‘dry clean only’ can be safely wet cleaned.
  6. The wet cleaning process is more gentle than at-home laundry.
  7. It does not generate hazardous waste, nor does the process create air pollution and it reduces the potential for water and soil contamination.

What is professional wet cleaning?

Kreussler developed the professional wet cleaning process in a partnership with Miele in the 1990s. As a textile chemistry company, partnering with Miele, an equipment company, was symbiotic and we were able to create an innovative, sustainable new way for dry cleaners to process their customer’s clothes. Wet cleaning is a more sustainable and efficient process than dry cleaning, and it’s better for the planet.

We are proud that LANADOL is the original wet cleaning chemical system brought to market.

Wet cleaning has been available in textile care for more than twenty-five years. It had been the issue of heated debates in the textile care trade: some cleaners were dismissive of it as this system was regarded as being in competition to conventional solvent cleaning. This picture has changed considerably over the years.

Wet cleaning has proven its worth on the global market and turned out to be a blessing for the textile care industry.  

What is the wet cleaning process?

Wet cleaning is a procedure for the professional cleaning of textiles in water without using organic solvents.

Sensitive, even non-washable textiles are cleaned in water at low liquor level with washing mechanics using intervals of short crush momentum and longer reaction times. Newly developed care products of the LANADOL series protect the fabrics against shrinkage, reduce the swelling tendency of natural fibers and increase the surface slide characteristics by agglomeration of colloids. Draining is achieved by extreme centrifugal acceleration in specifically designed wet cleaning machines.

The subsequent drying process is carried out with drum driers with optimized preservation of the textiles whose intelligent control and measurement technology dries the textiles to defined residual moisture values.

Are there special chemicals?

Yes, wet cleaning uses water and biodegradable detergents, but it doesn’t use harmful solvents.

Our clients use our LANADOL line of professional wet cleaning chemicals.

Your customers will love wet cleaning because it’s a sustainable, biodegradable process. Their garments will smell fresh and be cleaned gently but effectively.

Wet cleaning technology with specifically designed LANADOL products offers many advantages:

  • Perfect cleaning results
  • Brilliant colors
  • Scented freshness
  • Best textile and fiber conservation
  • Skin-sympathetic handle
  • Lower costs
  • Best protection against shrinking, felting and discoloring
  • Textile care without solvent
  • Improvement of the customer acceptance of commercial textile care
  • The most ecological alternative to dry cleaning and household laundry

Do dry cleaners use wet cleaning?

Yes! While there are some wet clean only shops, many dry cleaners have added wet cleaning to their arsenal of tools to better process and clean their customer’s clothing. Having the option to wet clean garments allows the cleaner to better assess each piece considering the label and the garment. Many dry clean only garments can safely be wet cleaned and it’s a more economical and environmentally safe process.

We hope that this helps shed some light on wet cleaning chemicals and the professional wet cleaning process as a whole. Our experienced team of Technical Sales Representatives are available to answer questions and even demo the wet cleaning process using our LANADOL wet cleaning system. Are you interested in learning more? Please let us know!

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