Lanadol Avant for wet cleaning

Meet LANADOL AVANT, part of the Kreussler LANADOL wet cleaning product range.

LANADOL AVANT is the pre-spotting and cleaning booster within the suite of the LANADOL wet cleaning products. Removing stubborn fat, oil, grease, and pigment soil in the mild LANADOL application is easy and safe with the addition of LANADOL AVANT. 

Designed to be safe for all fabrics and most colors, LANADOL AVANT can be sprayed or gently brushed onto soil and stains before cleaned or added directly into the cleaning or prewash bath to help remove and suspend non-polar soil. Developed to help prevent greying in the wash and low foaming, it is a critical addition to traditional wet cleaning as well as more durable easy care and washable application. It can assist with the safe removal of everything from make-up and collar soil to road salt and mud on hemlines. 

Safe enough for the finest wools and cashmeres but strong enough to remove ground-in mud and clay on the trains of wedding gowns. LANADOL AVANT is the workhorse you need for the wet cleaning and laundry department.

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