Kreussler DEPRIT spotting agents

Not one but six amazing products for your consideration.

The DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL Spotting kit contains six unique and specially designed stain removers that will enable you to safely and quickly remove all traces of almost every type of stain coming over the spotting table. Numbered and color-coded for quick and straightforward identification, the DEPRIT line will take a novice and turn them into an effective spotter in minutes while eliminating almost all of the risk of damaging the fabric.

Deprit PROFESSIONAL spotting chemicals

In addition, the DEPRIT line is completely water-soluble, compatible in all solvents, including SOLVONK4 and Lanadol Wet Cleaning. They are safe to go down the drain, fully biodegradable and contain no halogenated solvents. Each product comes in an OSHA and GHS compliant labeled bottle.
From old blood to ink, there is DEPRIT spotter for every stain.

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