I’m sure you have read about the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) proposed updates to care labeling and are wondering what does this mean for me as a dry cleaner and what is this all about?

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Invitation from the FTC to comment

As part of the Federal Trade Commission’s systematic review of all current FTC rules and guides, the FTC is seeking public comment on proposed changes to the Rule that requires manufacturers and importers to attach labels with care instructions for garments and certain piece goods, so consumers have reliable instructions for dry cleaning or washing, bleaching, drying and ironing their clothing. The Commission proposes amending the Rule to: (1) allow garment manufacturers and marketers to include instructions for professional wet cleaning on labels; (2) permit the use of ASTM Standard D5489-07, “Standard Guide for Care Symbols for Care Instructions on Textile Products,” or ISO 3758:2005(E), “Textiles – Care labeling code using symbols,” in lieu of terms; (3) clarify what can constitute a reasonable basis for care instructions; and (4) update the definition of “dry clean.” In addition, the Commission seeks comment on several other issues.

What this means for dry cleaners?

If you are using SYSTEMK4 then it would very beneficial to write to the FTC about your experience and request SYSTEMK4, Dibutoxymethane to be included in the definition for dry cleaning.  In addition, there has been a request to change the definition for dry cleaning as it relates to KB value of the solvent, requiring textiles labeled as sensitive or very sensitive to cleaned in solvent with a low KB value.  We know that SK4 can safely clean the most delicate of textiles and almost every type of appliqué and ornamentation.  We would not want cleaners using SK4 to be restricted from cleaning couture and high-end fashion because of a misleading association of KB value and solvent safety.  Please consider a comment about the versatility of SYSTEMK4 and how it handles even very sensitive textiles and trim safely despite its KB value.

What you can do to help your business and the dry cleaning industry?

Getting the proper labeling updates is important to your business, this is your chance to share your opinion with the FTC and it will determine what garments people bring to you to be cleaned.  Kreussler believes that simple and concise are best when presenting information on the care labels for garments. We would appreciate your help in getting the right message to the FTC to make sure that what you are currently using is properly supported in the FTC updates to care labels.

There is a short window of time so please take a few minutes and go HERE before November 16th to send your thoughts to the FTC on garment labels.

Your opinion matters and we thank you for taking a moment to support this effort.