What does “going green” mean to you? It is recycling your soda can? Putting the newspaper into the correct plastic bin at the airport? Is the environmental impact a consideration when making purchases for you? Do your own personal views impact your business decisions, or should you be thinking about what your current and potential customers want and what it driving their decisions?

According to the Green Business Bureau, in the next three to ten years, nearly two-thirds of American adults will identify themselves as “green.” These people will be your customers, now is the time to begin making the changes that will give you the competitive edge. Most dry cleaners recycle their hangers and do small things that may be the equivalent of recycling your soda can but are not truly making the environmental impact that they could be making. Claiming to be a “green dry cleaner” is not going to be enough in the future. As more businesses become green, consumer education will bring real questions to you as a business owner.

What are you doing to prepare for these changes?