In the digital age, capturing attention is at a premium. You need to know how to build a brand experience for customers that brings in sales and builds loyalty.

Let’s examine what a ‘brand experience” is and how you can build one for your customers. You might think, but I’m a dry cleaner not a retail store but you need to consider that your customers are also going to Whole Foods, Macy’s, and the Apple Store. Every visit to your drop store is a chance to wow them with your brand.

A basic definition of brand experience is “all the interactions people have with a product, service or organization across all touch points. Think of this as the raw material of a brand.”

How To Build A Brand Experience For Customers

Today, this means your brick and mortar presence combined with your online social media presence. There are some brands that excel at the total package of product or service, branding [such as logo, ever-present color palette, and images], and creating an experience that builds loyalty and this equals more cha-ching on a daily basis.

Let’s look at a few brands that are crushing the brand experience.

The Wow factor from Apple

Clearly Apple excels at many things but one wow factor that stands out is their attention to detail on packaging. Apple boxes are specially designed to open slowly building anticipation and excitement for opening up your brand new phone.



Engage your community with email

When you’re in a Furla store, you’re greeted by friendly staff and receive great customer service. At the point of sale, you’ll be asked for your email address but in the frame of how they can better serve you. Instead of saying “can we have your email,” they ask if they may record your purchase in case there was anything wrong in the future. Of course you say yes to this.

They followed up with an email about a week later inviting you to follow them on social media. Pretty darned brilliant. Wondering if it works? The #FurlaFeeling hashtag has over 40,000 results on Instagram and they have 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Furla meeting

Enticing scent of Edition hotels

Have you ever stayed at an Edition hotel? If so, you’ll remember the unique scent of their rooms and hotel. According to a study, customers stay as much as 44% longer in a business “surrounded by an attractive scent.”Clearly, the Edition is on to something!

Knowing that people love their unique fragrance, they have a stunning website where you can purchase their candles and diffusers. They describe it as a “unique blend of Sicilian bergamot, green tea and cedar wood.” Could this be the smell of money? Maybe.

Eye-popping Valextra art installation

Standing out among the high-class retail shopping experiences on Milan’s famed Via Della Spiga, lined with Victorian architecture with posh boutiques, is no easy feat.


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The Valextra flagship makeover by Japanese contemporary architect Kengo Kuma – “The Forest” is an immersive installation which invites its visitors to wander into a magical woodland, where the Valextra leathergoods collection is displayed in a nature-like environment.

Each purse has it’s own unique display. 136 wooden slats have been inserted vertically, recreating an abstract environment that’s firmly rooted in nature, showcasing Valextra’s coveted bags while drawing you further into the shop. Mirrors and lighting add mystery and depth.

The Forest - Valextra

All these brand experiences go above and beyond with creativity and build connection between the brand and the consumer. Take a look at your own brand and contemplate whether you can update your brand touch points to bring loyalty and long-life to your brand. If you’re not, your competitors may have an advantage.