The entire Kreussler Inc. team traveled to Wiesbaden, Germany to celebrate with Kreussler & Co. GmbH and their staff of 250 for their 100 year anniversary celebration.  Started in 1912, Kreussler is a fourth generation, family business operated by the founding family Travers-Kreussler.  There are two divisions, Kreussler Pharma and Kreussler Textile Chemical, which both lead their industries in innovation and excellence.

In photo: Dr. Detlev Travers (pink tie, center) and Mrs. Christa Travers-Kreussler  (in white pants and pink jacket) and Dr. Stephan Travers center with Kreussler Inc. employees.

What makes Kreussler unique is that it is not only a family owned company but also a company that operates as a family with teamwork and perseverance building upon each success and continuing to grow. It is large enough to compete in the global playing field but small enough for everyone to know each other’s name. Forward thinking and always on the cutting edge, Kreussler maintains and strengthens  its presence on six of the seven continents worldwide with each passing year.

Kreussler GmbHTo quote Dr. Stephan Travers, who gave an inspiring speech and runs Kreussler today,

“Using this anniversary year to look back at our past also lets us look towards the future, because awareness of the positive and encouraging events from the past serves as the starting point and springboard for our future successful development.”

When updating the Kreussler offices, they discovered a sealed document that was deposited beneath the entrance steps when then foundation were laid in 1935. Dr. Travers quoted this document written by founder Christian Kreussler ” May our successors be thrifty and never tiring as they work not just for the sake of their own interests but for the good of everyone. All work is pointless, however; if it is not for the help of, and the strong belief in, the almighty God, to whom we entrust our company building and I extend this beyond this historic occasion to our company.”

Travers family

 This is the whole Travers/Kreussler family.

The celebration was held at the lovely Schloss Biebrich (Biebrich Palace) which ” is a Baroque residence in the borough of Biebrich in the city of Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany. Built in 1702 by Prince Georg August Samuel of Nassau-Idstein, it served as the ducal residence for the independent Duchy of Nassau from 1816 until 1866.”

This is Dr. Stephan Travers in the receiving line greeting Richard and Peggy Fitzpatrick.

Dr Traver receiving line


beibrich castle



gala table

gala long table

Kreussler Inc. wishes to thank all their loyal and supportive customers throughout North and South America and hopes that you will join us in this celebration of our first 100 years.


100 yr pen